Breakout Sessions

Our breakout sessions are designed to enable participants to walk away with actionable ideas on affecting change within their personal lives and workplaces. On the conference day, there will be two set of breakout sessions from which participants will have the chance to chose from the options listed below.



MORNING session

  • Option 1: Working "gender equality advocate" into your brand in a positive way
  • Option 2: Asking for promotion / pay raise / flexible working
  • Option 3: Seeking and providing Mentorship / Sponsorship




Afternoon session

  • Option 1: Confronting and preventing everyday biases
  • Option 2: Building a compassionate workplaces and addressing mental health stigmas
  • Option 3: Building inclusive teams in start-ups from Day 1


More information on the breakout sessions will be announced soon. To be the first one to hear about updates, subscribe to our mailing list.