CEO of Working with Men Charity

CEO of Working with Men Charity


Christopher Muwanguzi   

Christopher Muwanguzi is the CEO at the multi award winning charity Working with Men appointed in October 2018 to develop a new strategic direction for the charity including an exciting rebrand. As one of his first steps he and his team developed a survey that polled a nationally representative sample of 2,058 British adults, highlighting the public’s views on masculinity and what it means “to be a man” in the UK. Troublingly, the results also highlighted that damaging male stereotypes are still pervasive in UK society, particularly amongst the younger generation, with a third of 18-24 year olds. As a result Christopher has decided to focus the organisations efforts and vision through it’s work in schools, hospitals, local community and the wider society on creating a better future for every boy, every man and everyone

Christopher has 20 years of successful experience providing visionary, strategic, fiscal and operations leadership within the field of child and family work, at community, national and international level. Focusing on gender, safeguarding and developing community structures that replace the institutionalisation of children. Amongst his experience, Christopher has worked in Uganda as the Country Director of Child’s i Foundation (CiF) in the UK as Chief Executive of Family Matters Institute, as a Children’s Workforce consultant on a number of Department for Education projects and with Coram heading up the award winning boys2MEN project. Throughout his career, Christopher has also supported work in prisons, schools and local authorities across London and the East Midlands to develop interventions that engage with some of the most vulnerable children and families in society. Also a father of two (Christopher Jr 5 years and Nia Tangaza 11 months) he believes greatly in promoting the parent-child bond and the role this relationship plays in shaping society today and in the future.

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