Timo Boldt, CEO and Founder of Gousto

Timo Boldt, CEO and Founder of Gousto


Timo is the CEO and Founder of Gousto, the UK’s leading recipe kit company. After attending high school and university in Germany and the US, Timo started his career in investment banking at Rothschild London. At the age of 26, Timo went on to become VP at a hedge fund (spun off from Goldman Sachs), focusing on activist trading across European markets.

In 2012, Timo followed his passion for food and founded Gousto, delivering ingredients in exact portions across the UK. Just 4 years later the company has 200 employees, prevents over 1 million tonnes of food waste and Timo has raised over £30m in capital.

Championing equality and diversity in the workforce, Timo’s commitment to employing people of all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds, has seen him bring together the UK’s best talent to successfully disrupt the recipe kit industry at scale.

Women in business a passion point for Timo, he has actively used his role as a professional leader to bring the equality conversation to the forefront, drive awareness around biases and encourage people to re-think all elements of women in business – not least, the hiring process.

Recognised by Debrett’s 500 as an inspiring game changer in the food and drink industry, Timo also sits on the Unilever Digital Advisory Board and is a guest lecturer in Cambridge. 

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