2017 Conference Committee

Farrow, Claire.jpg

Claire Farrow, Chair Marketing

Claire is a second-year MBA student from Sydney, Australia. Before studying at London Business School (LBS), she worked as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and advised clients across a range of industries including consumer and retail, travel and tourism, public sector, telecommunications and industrial goods. Claire has always been interested in supporting other women in the workplace and co-led BCG Sydney’s local women’s initiative for the past two years. She is looking forward to continuing this interest by marketing the WiB Conference. 

Felicia Liu, Chair Speakers

Felicia is a second-year MBA student from Beijing, China. She grew up in Beijing, studied Economics and International Studies at Northwestern University then moved to New York where she worked at J.P. Morgan in portfolio management covering thematic based funds. During her summer internship she worked for Yoox Net-A-Porter in London and hopes to continue to pursue a strategic role in luxury retail after her MBA. She has always been passionate about women in business in various cultures and industries and hopes to highlight these issues and more as she works with the WiB Conference team


Lana Daniela, Co-Chair Logistics

Lana is a second-year MBA student from Latvia. Prior to joining the MBA programme at LBS, she was a marketer at Red Bull Latvia and business developer in Hungary helping create and develop an independent advertising agency in Central Eastern Europe. She couldn't resist joining the WiB Conference Logistics team and contribute to the same event that once inspired her the start the MBA journey at LBS.

Bakshi, Renita.jpg

Renita Bakshi, Co-Chair Logistics

Renita is a second-year MBA student, was born and raised in New York City and holds a B.S. in Marketing and International Business from Indiana University Kelley School of Business. Prior to LBS, Renita held product development, brand management and inventory planning roles for various American retailers including Target, Macy’s and Tiffany & Co. Renita also consulted for VIDA, a social-retail enterprise providing emerging talent from across the world with access to manufacturers in Karachi. Prior to starting her MBA, Renita had aspirations for working and living internationally and hopes to continue doing so after completing her MBA.


Persephone Chen, Logistics

Persephone is a first-year MBA student at LBS. She was born and raised in China, and studied Finance and Economics at Sauder School of Business at University of British Columbia in Canada. Prior to LBS, Persephone was an Analyst at HSBC Bank, where she worked for five years and gained cross-functional experience.


Kavita Singh, Logistics

Kavita is a first-year MBA student from India. Prior to LBS, she worked as a manager in a corporate finance advisory services firm providing valuation services to clients across different industries. Apart from client services, Kavita has been passionately involved in different community development projects focussed on counselling and education of youth and women.


Eileen Frino, Marketing

Eileen is a first-year MBA student from New Jersey, USA.  Prior to LBS, Eileen spent over five years in the consulting industry advising US financial institutions on a range of regulatory matters. In addition, Eileen also spent time in the finance sector as a credit analyst covering middle market clients. After her MBA, Eileen hopes to pursue a career in the finance sector. Eileen received a BSc in Finance from Rutgers University.


Gabriela Przekop, Marketing

Gabriela is a Masters in Management student from Poland. Prior to LBS, she set up her own furniture company and worked as an M&A and strategy analyst in Grupa Wirtualana Polska (the biggest internet group in Poland). During this time, she focused on mobile applications and became interested in internet marketing. As part of the Marketing team, Gabriela wants to use her internet marketing skills and raise as much interest in women's leadership as possible.

Karima Hirji, Speakers

Karima is a first-year MBA student from London. Prior to LBS, she led a UK non-profit in energy access and launched a 'clean cooking' start-up in South Africa. Karima's work in social enterprise has been focused on women-led initiatives and empowerment, and she has developed a strong interest in the role women can play in Business for Social Development. As part of the Speaker's Team, Karima hopes to attract speakers from different and alternative industries.


Anuja Mandore, Speakers

Anuja is a first-year MBA student from India.  Prior to LBS, she spent three years working with tech startups in the Bay Area and in India, including launching her own mobile product for the Indian wedding industry. Prior to that, Anuja spent 6 years in Fashion Retail in San Francisco in various Operations and Strategy roles. Outside of work, Anuja has been passionately involved in promoting entrepreneurship and female founders and hopes to foster the same spirit in the London community.